…creep up

Crusaders, Halloween weekend is here! Can you believe it? Seeing as it’s Friday that means it is time to get serious about your Halloween movie options. Of course, there will be plenty of options to catch “Hocus Pocus,” especially with the 24-hour marathon Freeform has planned for Halloween, but today I thought I’d take a…

…Sum It Up

The time has come, summer is slowly coming to a close and so too has our summer of blockbusters. Before we say goodbye to big-budget Hollywood and hello to art house flicks and Oscar contenders, it’s time to take stock of this summer’s flicks. So, keeping with tradition, we’re sharing our final four cents on…

…Call It A Wrap

Well, we made it. Another summer of blockbusters has come and gone. 2016 has seen some highs and lows. We’ve had everything from battling superheroes, to fish with short-term memory loss, to paranormal elimination experts and whole lot more.


“Ghostbusters” reboot haters, today is a great day for you. The new and revamped “Ghostbusters” theme by Fall Out Boy featuring Missy Elliot made its online debut today. Which means you have something else to complain about. Yay?

…Pardon the Interruption

This summer is jam-packed with blockbuster films. Unfortunately, none of those awesome films hit theaters in the past week…

…Make the Call

This what to watch Wednesday I’m looking ahead to one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters—“Ghostbusters.” The reboot has been making headlines since it was first announced. With an all-star, entirely female lead cast it’s a far cry from the original, and promises to be fresh take on the beloved film.