…Roll Along

Despite our best efforts, the FIFA World Cup came to an end yesterday. Which means it’s time to find something to fill this new gap in our sports-viewing schedule. There’s always the old American summer standby of baseball.  Of course, with 162 games in a season, it makes the World Cup running time seem short,…

…go for the goal

Well, it’s here, the day we knew would come, but secretly hoped would take a bit longer. Today, the 2014 FIFA World Cup comes to an end.


While it would be nice if in every sporting competition, the better team always won, it’s just not true.  Sometimes a bad call, or a freak accident can affect the outcome of the game. Never has that been truer, than in this year’s World Cup semifinal round. No, I’m not referring to Argentina’s shootout victory over…


I’ve often written on the pros and cons of our internet culture. Yes, it’s brought us wonderful things—convenience, communication, cat videos. It’s also brought us some bad things—oversharing, trolls, and cat videos. It can be an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

…Keep Up

Today kicks off the second round of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. For those of you who haven’t quite joined in on the worldwide event, this is when a draw (or tie) is no longer an acceptable end to the match (or game). The first round is a bit confusing to some, with its point…

…Kick Back

If you haven’t jumped on the Team USA World Cup bandwagon, today may be your last chance. Of course, it also may not. With a handful of possibilities for making it to the next round, the odds are somewhat in out favor.