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…come together

599px-friendship_bracelet_special_formsAs we all cool down from two weeks of political discourse, I can’t think of a better random holiday than International Day of Friendship (not to be confused with Friendship Day, which is August 7). Read the rest of this entry

…Face the Facts

logo_facebookIf you base your self-esteem on your number of Facebook friends, I have some bad (but not surprising) news.

According to a new study, most of your “friends” don’t care. Read the rest of this entry

…Give Thanks

TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving!

I’ll keep this short so you can get back to spending time with and/or avoiding friends and family. Read the rest of this entry

…sit up straight

airplaneSpring Break is upon us, and for many that means lots of quality time spent with the rest of humanity, hurling through the air in a tin can. Some call it air travel, others call it a headache, I call it a microcosm of personality types.

It’s my belief that every type of person can be fairly accurately defined by their behavior when forced to interact in close proximity with their fellow human beings, and you don’t get much closer in proximity than air travel. And in life as in flight, there are recliners and there are those of us with bruised knee caps.

You know who I’m talking about, the travelers who seem blissfully unaware that their comfort comes at a price and someone else is paying it directly behind them, silently suffering as their tray table becomes one with their rib cage.

Of course, I hate to confine all mankind to these two categories. There are sub-categories—the shoe removers, the they must mean everyone else but me when they said “portable electronic devices” crowd, and the seat kickers—all equally upsetting.

But a recent Slate article caused me to call all of my biases into question all of my pre-conceived biases as they questioned the very invention of the reclinable airline seat…a fair point.

So in a world where half of the population seems indifferent to the fact that they are creating misery for their fellow man behind them, is it really the fault of the individual offenders or the one who made their sin possible to begin with?

Something to ponder as you attempt to survive that flight trapped between the tech wizard, shoeless Joe shmoe, and of course with your knees crammed into your chest…happy flight!


Slate: The Recline and Fall of Western Civilization

…bi-daily smile…


…pack your bags

…he’s ready to go…are you?

Well it’s just about time to hit the road, or tarmac, or rails.  Whatever your mode of travel it’s time to pack, the absolute worst part of travelling in my opinion.

The amount of thought that has to go into it can be exhausting.  If you’re road-tripping you only have so much trunk space, the bus or train have space limits as well, and flying has all of the above and TSA regulations.

Plus, it’s amazing the number of unlikely scenarios you can concoct when it comes time to load up your suitcase:

Yes, you may be headed to the center of an arctic tundra…but what if there’s an indoor pool? Better bring the swimsuit.

Sure, you’re going to be spending the next four days hanging with family and eating…but who’s to say some formal event requiring each and every pair of shoes that you own won’t spring up out of the blue? What’s a second suitcase when compared to being unprepared?

Four different pairs of jeans?  Definitely.

Entire hat collection? How could you live without it?

Assortment of jackets, cardigans, wraps, shrugs, and other layers?  An absolute must.

Plus, a girl needs options, so yes, 4 different outfits for Thanksgiving dinner are necessary.

Being able to close your suitcase? Optional.

Okay, so maybe scaling down might be a good idea, lose a few pairs of shoes or so.  After all, you’re going to need room for the turkey, and yes they’re allowed by the TSA*.

Happy Trails!


Huffington Post: Travelocity’s Top 10 Thanksgiving Travel Tips

*When properly packaged of course, but who doesn’t fly with a cooler?

…bi-daily smile…

Try not to smile while listening to this…I dare you: