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Today we celebrate Friendship Day.

And before you write it off as some fake holiday invented by the greeting card companies, let me stop you. Because it totally was. Read the rest of this entry


…Keep Closer

Happy Saturday, fellow crusaders! Congratulations on making it to the weekend! Enjoy it while it lasts because you have less than 48 hours until it’s Monday again.

Sorry for the harsh reminder of reality, but I needed a segue into today’s unofficial holiday — Not-National Enemies Day!

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…come together

599px-friendship_bracelet_special_formsAs we all cool down from two weeks of political discourse, I can’t think of a better random holiday than International Day of Friendship (not to be confused with Friendship Day, which is August 7). Read the rest of this entry

…Face the Facts

logo_facebookIf you base your self-esteem on your number of Facebook friends, I have some bad (but not surprising) news.

According to a new study, most of your “friends” don’t care. Read the rest of this entry

…Give Thanks

TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving!

I’ll keep this short so you can get back to spending time with and/or avoiding friends and family. Read the rest of this entry