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…come down to Christmas

Last night, the now annual tradition of the live-televised musical returned…on FOX.

In past years, with NBC leading the way (and we thank them for their service) these live events became a bit of a snark fest on Twitter, but FOX has left little room for snark with its productions. Last January they gave us “Grease Live!” and showed NBC (who sat this December out) how it’s done.

This year the network did it again with a truly charming production of “A Christmas Story Live!” Read the rest of this entry



Scrambled Television ScreenIn this the age of streaming, new TV never really stops. So the “fall season” has been rolling out since before the Emmys, and frankly, keeping up with it is impossible. So, as we stare down several more weeks of “Fall Debuts,” I thought I’d take a moment this What to Watch Wednesday to recap and recover. Read the rest of this entry

…Flip Ahead

The time we all knew was coming is here—the end of the network television season. Back in the dark ages, before streaming and Netflix original programing, that meant that couch potatoes were forced to watch reruns or (gasp) find something other than television to occupy their time.

Thankfully, the television season never ends, and this is also the time of year when networks announce what’s in the pipeline for the upcoming season. So you can spend this time planning out your fall television viewing schedule. Read the rest of this entry

…Grease the Wheels

grease-logoGrease is the word this weekend. With Fox revving everyone up for Sunday’s “Grease: Live!” I thought I’d dedicate this week’s Flick Friday to the perennial, musical favorite. Read the rest of this entry

…still believe

It’s a big day for nerds of the nineties (I say that with nothing but love and affection).

After a fifteen year hiatus, “The X-Files” returns to television tonight.


So, today, I thought I’d talk about why we all love “The X-Files”: Agent Scully. Read the rest of this entry