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Happy Super Sick…I mean Bowl…Super Bowl Monday! Sorry about the exclamation point. I know the day after the Super Bowl can be rough, especially if you catch the mysterious flu bug that makes the rounds every year.

If you did come down with the “super” bug, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 14 million people called in sick today.  Read the rest of this entry


…Go Commercial

Welcome to Super Bowl weekend! As you prep for tomorrow’s game, it’s important to keep in mind what it’s really about — the commercials.

I realize there are a lot of people in Philadelphia and the Boston area who will disagree with me. There are even a few who might make an argument for the halftime show.

I’ll concede to the halftime show people that they can be entertaining. Lady Gaga jumping off the top of the stadium was pretty awesome. And sure, most of us are interested in the game too, if only because we want to see the Patriots lose. However, I stand by the fact that the true stars of the game come out in between plays.

Thanks to the power and pull of the Internet, you don’t have to wait until game day to see (or at least get a sneak peek) some of the ads. So, to tide you over until tomorrow, here’s a taste of what this year’s commercials have to offer… Read the rest of this entry

…soar above

Yesterday as the Arizona Cardinals prepared for their overseas matchup against the L.A. Rams in London, there was a rare (for the NFL especially) sighting on the field—Supergirl…sort of.

It turns out that as the result of a bet, one of Arizona’s quarterbacks dressed up as Supergirl for warmups.

I can only assume that the quarterback in question won the bet, otherwise, I’d like someone from the team to explain to me what is humiliating about dressing up as a kickass, self-aware, empowered young woman. Don’t worry, I’ll wait… Read the rest of this entry


Happy Monday and welcome to a brand new week! If you’re just not feeling it this morning then anyone who was rooting for the Falcons last night is right there with you. Thankfully, in addition to Atlanta’s defeat, last night’s game  brought with it the perfect motivation to get you through the toughest Monday.

No, I’m not talking about the Patriot’s unlikely win in overtime. Although, I suppose if you’re a Patriots’ fan, that’s probably all you need. Here you go…

NFL football new england patriots patriots champion

For the rest of us, well, the sight of Tom Bray hoisting the Lombardi Trophy again may not be enough. So, prepare to dive head first into some Lady Gaga-inspired Monday motivation… Read the rest of this entry

…Ad Value

Happy Super Bowl Eve! Tomorrow we observe that American past time of watching individuals of great athletic ability compete while we consume our bodyweight in dips, wings, and beer.

Of course, we all know that tomorrow isn’t really about the food or the football. It’s about the commercials. Read the rest of this entry