…check all the boxes

It’s official, fall is here, and if the weather and calendar didn’t tip you off, then the return (after a brief hiatus) of Flick Friday should be a huge hint. I can’t think of a better way to kick the 2014 movie season off, than with the last stop-motion masterpiece from Laika Entertainment and Focus…

…Color Outside the Lines

With one week until Oscar Sunday, we thought we’d take a moment to pay homage to one of our favorite genres—animation. And we’re willing to bet it’s probably one of your favorites too, even if you’re not quite ready to admit it.

…defy convention

Journeying into the world of children’s movies can be a little scary for an anyone over the age of six.  We can only handle so many cheap, easy jokes and overly simplified plots and themes. A children’s movie about zombies holds equal terror, but in the case of “ParaNorman” these fears are blessedly not realized….