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Welcome to another week. Whether you like it or not, it’s Monday.

I know that Mondays, by definition, are awful. But why not try a simple change of perspective, and by that I mean to quite literally stop and smell the roses (or daffodils, or your preferred flower).

If you don’t have the time to tiptoe through the tulips, or are blessed with seasonal allergies (I feel your pain), here’s some fresh, spring-inspired motivation to kick off your week. Read the rest of this entry


…Thaw Out

FlowersHappy second day of spring! 

Yes, while the weather in some places might suggest otherwise, we’ve officially made it through winter. That means longer days with more sunshine, and warmer weather…eventually…we hope.

True, the promise of warmer weather, and the official changing of the seasons doesn’t do a whole lot for those of us still looking at snow in this week’s forecast. But it makes it a little more tolerable, right? 

On that note, I’ll leave you to enjoy your lovely or not-so-lovely first weekend of spring.

…just for fun:


…make it easy to be green

The art of gardening is a fickle hobby.  One season may bring mutant cucumbers and resilient tomatoes only to be followed by a spring of dying cacti. Yes, I killed a cactus, it is possible.

Still, gardening takes time, patience, and dedication…until now. They’ve invented an app for that. Read the rest of this entry