…call it a toss

This International Pillow Fight Day, I think it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate these “battles” where everyone wins (except for those with down allergies).Of course, when fun is the objective, it’s hard for anyone to lose (as long as no cheap shots are taken).

…pump it up

It’s the final countdown to the Final Four, crusaders! Which means we all must practice the ancient art of both maintaining our sense of calm, cool collectedness…

…Touch Base

I hope you enjoyed your couple days off because today it’s back to athletics. The Final Four is just a few days away which can mean only one thing—it’s opening day! If I lost you, you might not be a baseball fan. Which is completely fine. Much like the Ramblers’ fan base, you’re welcome to…


If you thought today’s crusade was going to be about anything but March Madness you obviously haven’t been following along. A quick recap for those who have fallen behind — The. Ramblers. Are. In. The. Final. Four.