…Start from the Bottom

This is not a drill! I repeat this is not a drill! It’s Monday, but we’ve got this. I think… Before we do anything else, let’s take a deep breath (inhale…and exhale). Now grab that coffee/tea/smoothie with a side of determination and perseverance and get to it.

…put your game face on

Today we find ourselves in the verge of a very important day for our nation. That’s why this What to Watch Wednesday, your eyes should only be on one thing — the ball. Alexa, play @HamiltonMusical’s ‘Yorktown’ 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/z7jGtZxubK — U.S. Soccer WNT (@USWNT) July 2, 2019 We are just days away from the championship…

…dare to shine

Now that the glow of the Stanley Cup parade is behind us (but forever in our hearts), it’s time to get our heads in the game, ladies and gentlemen. The Women’s World Cup is well underway and it’s time to pay (the women as much as you pay their male counterparts, and… ) attention.

…Blow the Whistle

My fellow Americans, it’s officially last call for joining the FIFA Women’s World Cup bandwagon. Tonight we’ll see the U.S. women’s national team take on Japan in the championship match.

…know the score

Well, soccer fans, it’s game day! I’d say it’s your last chance to catch Team U.S.A. in action this World Cup, but I’m an optimist.

…Take Another Shot

Good news, current and future American women’s soccer fans, the women’s national team has made it through to the quarter-finals! That means if you haven’t already gotten on the FIFA Women’s World Cup bandwagon, there’s still time. So, because I know those of you who haven’t been watching secretly want to, you just need to…