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…Show Some Appreciation

Happy Father’s Day!

I’ll keep this short so that you can spend some quality time with the man of the hour…or day. Read the rest of this entry


…Show Some Gratitude

Father's DayHappy Father’s Day!

Today’s all about dad, so we’re only going to take a few seconds of your day, but we would like to say a few thank you’s before we go. Read the rest of this entry

…Say Thanks

HappyHappy Father’s Day!

I’d like to take moment to thank all the amazing dad’s out there. While it may not always seem like it at times, your kids appreciate everything you do for them…or they will someday. Read the rest of this entry


Made with Repix ( Father’s Day!

Once again it’s Father’s Day, that day of the year when we thank our dads for everything they do.

Read the rest of this entry

…be super


Happy Father’s Day! Especially to our own dad, but also to all the father’s out there reading this blog today.

It occurred to us during our weekly blockbuster viewing yesterday (“Man of Steel” review will be coming on Friday) that it seems somewhat appropriate that the latest Superman movie would be released on Father’s Day weekend. Read the rest of this entry