…throw some shades

On this summer Friday eve, let’s take a moment for the accessory of the season. They’re both fashionable and functional. They can make a statement year-round. And if you have blue eyes (i.e. are especially sensitive to light), you probably wear them most days of the year. Happy National Sunglasses Day!

…Tip Your Hat

Today I’m taking a moment to tip my hat to National Hat Day. While hats deserve our appreciation for more than a day, I will take this opportunity to extol on just a few of their many virtues.

…Reduce the Glare

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s officially sunglass season. Just in case you aren’t already rocking you shades, National Sunglasses Day is here to remind you to protect your peepers. Yes, that’s right. More than a fashion accessory, shades are first and foremost a shield against UV rays.

…throw some shades

We’re a week into summer, crusaders, so naturally, that must mean it’s National Sunglasses Day! I realize that for many, sunglasses are a sign of the summer season, but that (along with some pretty sweet light sensitivity) has never stopped us here at the 2WC from rocking them the rest of the year. Because although we…

…Put A Bow On It

Happy National Bow Tie Day! It seems fitting that this holiday should fall on a Sunday Funday. Why? Well why not? 

…Walk a Thin Line

French lawmakers are close to changing the French fashion scene thanks to a recent vote on a law that would ban excessively thin models from the runway. If you’re wondering what qualifies as excessively thin, well that’s yet to be determined, but it will be based on body mass index (aka – BMI). It’s a…