…keep it going

Today the world comes together to show our appreciation for our planet, which when you really think about it is a silly concept. Not that we shouldn’t be appreciating our planet, but that we would concentrate all that caring into one day. Of course, we all care (some perhaps more than others).  But what the…

…Get Way Out There

Some days the search for intelligent life, both on this planet and others, can feel like a lost cause. Thanks to new legislation in the House of Representatives, the search may receive new funding. Part of a larger plan for the future of NASA, the legislation would allocate funding to the Search for Extraterrestrial Life…

…Speak for the Trees

The big day is finally here—it’s Earth Day! Nearly half a century old this day dedicated to our one and only planet draws attention to things we sometimes take for granted. Our planet does many things, but number one on that list (for us at least) is keeping us alive. The fact is, our planet’s…

…find common ground

This Earth Day Eve, crusaders, I thought it would be nice to (at least for a moment) put our differences aside and remember the one thing that all of us have in common. No matter what our beliefs are, what our background is, all of us are from the same place, planet Earth.

…Go Wild

The past few days have been rough for environmentalists and those concerned about the future of our one and only planet, Earth. With talk of gag orders on government agencies, and reported requests to remove climate data from public sites, it’s certainly easy to see why some are more than a little concerned.

…chew it over

If this image has you immediately visualizing adorable marine animals trapped by our trash and itching to grab the scissors and save them from their man-made tragedy, I bring good news.