…have a good laugh

It’s time we had a serious talk about a serious subject, crusaders — laughing. I know it may seem frivolous given the serious things happening around the world, but I would warrant that’s why we could all use a bit of laughter now more than ever. As the saying goes, laughter makes the best medicine….


It’s been an interesting Oscar season, to say the least.  There have been a bunch of encouraging firsts and a few head-scratching steps backward. While we could go on about the off-screen drama (and we have), tonight is about the films. It’s about their power to entertain, enlighten, and make us question. We would argue…

…bundle up

As much of the country is being (or soon to be) buried in snow (shout out to the St. Louis Snowmageddon), I’m officially dubbing it a snow day — i.e. the perfect day to hunker down inside while the white flakes do their thing. Of course, there’s a case to be made for venturing out into…

…round ’em up

Happy Golden Globes Sunday! Today we all celebrate our shared love of movies, television, and the many (many) differing opinions on both. Of course, it’s those differences that make the world of entertainment exciting. They’re what make the same film or series a completely different experience for each and every person. They’re what make storytelling a…

…Imagine That

It’s been over 50 years since Mary Poppins first stepped onto the silver screen, and this long overdue sequel isn’t a moment too soon. Mary Poppins has a habit of showing up at just the right moment and this latest incarnation is no exception.

…Go Head-to-Head

It’s just five more sleeps till Christmas. As we all finish our shopping and set out for our holiday destinations a storm is brewing. Not the inevitable discussion of politics, but a family fight of a much more epic nature — the holiday movie.