…Show Up

Well, it’s here. It’s Election Day. That means this is your last reminder to show up and vote.

…Wise Up

Welcome to the end of daylight saving time, US. Today we get back that hour we lost in March and rejoin the same time as, well the rest of the galaxy. With this turning back of the clocks comes the annual problem of what to do with that extra hour. Most of us will probably…


Hey there, fellow crusaders and active participants in the great experiment that is our democracy. It’s Saturday, the day where you get things done, so why not check some things off your voting to-do list. Don’t have one of those? No worries, you’ve come to the right place…


Hey there. News cycle got you down? Tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop? Wondering if that expression really applies to our current political environment? I mean what shoe are we even on at this point? Speaking of points, I promise I have one, and it’s this… As much fun as it is…

…Move On

Tomorrow marks one year since the 2016 US presidential election, but right now I’d like to focus on today. I realize the mere mention of that day may have set you off, but I’m going to ask you to take a deep breath and refocus on now. After all, it is once again election day….

…Cast Away

This is not a drill. It’s T-minus 4 days until election day. Which means it’s time to suck it up and vote. Whether you’re voting early, absentee, or braving the election day lines, these are you final moments to make your decision and cast your ballot.