…make nice

Today, I’d like to take a moment for manners. Not just because it’s National Compliment Day (although it does provide a nice excuse), but because we shouldn’t need hashtags to remind us to be kind to one another. And without getting into details, it’s been a rough few weeks for kindness. So today, let’s take…


When a world is as convincing, intricate, and engrossing as the magical world of Harry Potter and his wizarding community, it can be a challenge to remember that one woman created it. Of course, since those books laid the groundwork, many creative minds have touched and shaped the wizarding world, but at its heart still…


In her screenplay debut, J.K. Rowling invites us to return to the magical world of Harry Potter decades before the “Boy Who Lived” was even born. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is a title wizards and Potterheads alike know all too well. In the tales of Harry Potter, we know it as the…

…Cast a Spell

American Harry Potter fans received some exciting news today. It turns out that your eagerly awaited admissions letter to Hogwarts did not get lost in the owl post. Instead, the prestigious school of witchcraft and wizardry’s U.S. counterpart dropped the ball.


“The Theory of Everything”  is the story of a man who’s achieved complex and extraordinary things under the most challenging of circumstances, but the most extraordinary thing about this movie, is its simplicity. It’s wonderfully refreshing.


“The Theory of Everything,” takes an extraordinary and complex story, and simplifies it…in the best way possible. Director James Marsh’s take on the story of Jane and Stephen Hawking inspires, but never feels preachy.