…keep it going

Today the world comes together to show our appreciation for our planet, which when you really think about it is a silly concept. Not that we shouldn’t be appreciating our planet, but that we would concentrate all that caring into one day. Of course, we all care (some perhaps more than others).  But what the…

…Speak for the Trees

The big day is finally here—it’s Earth Day! Nearly half a century old this day dedicated to our one and only planet draws attention to things we sometimes take for granted. Our planet does many things, but number one on that list (for us at least) is keeping us alive. The fact is, our planet’s…

…find common ground

This Earth Day Eve, crusaders, I thought it would be nice to (at least for a moment) put our differences aside and remember the one thing that all of us have in common. No matter what our beliefs are, what our background is, all of us are from the same place, planet Earth.

…be blinded by science

This Earth Day, across the country and around the world, we march for science. We march for those who live by its laws, those who fear it, those who distrust it, and even those aim to discredit it. We march because ignoring scientific facts for the sake of short-term gains, does not make those facts…

…Turn Over A New Leaf

 Happy Earth Day! Today, this environmentally friendly holiday turns 45. Back in 1970, Earth Day was a U.S. holiday designed to raise awareness for environmental causes. It has since then, grown into a global celebration. According to the Earth Day Network, more than one billion people will take part in Earth Day celebrations this year.

…pick it up

Regular readers will recall that back in January my hand was forced, as I begrudgingly shared my 2 cents on the topic of a petition to deport Justin Bieber.