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…Rock the Dots

happy minnie mouse GIF

Today, everyone’s favorite polka dot wearing mouse gets to strut her stuff on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It also happens to be National Polka Dot Day, making this officially the perfect day for Minnie Mouse to finally get her star.

In celebration of this well deserved honor, today’s #MondayMotivation is inspired by Mickey’s partner in crime for the past 90 years (nearly).

After all, who’s more motivating than Minnie Mouse? The picture of class and grace, Minnie’s style, work ethic, and patience can serve as an example to us all. Read the rest of this entry


…take another look


In these final days of 2017, as we look back in order to move forward, I wanted to take a moment for a few more cultural highlights of the last 365 (give or take a few), particularly the ones that dared to reimagine beloved classics. Yes, I’m talking about “remakes.”

In a world screaming for originality, the remake gets a bad wrap. And, to be fair, a lot of remakes deserve that wrap. I will not contest that the world is full of many pointless remakes that don’t have good enough answers to the one basic question you should have to answer before you embark on such a scheme—Why? Read the rest of this entry

…tell another tale

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 7.41.06 PM.png

This What to Watch Wednesday, in preparation for the forthcoming holiday binge viewing (you know you do it). I thought I’d share one of my favorites from this fall of television, an old favorite that’s new again in the most magical way possible…

“Once Upon a Time,” this long-running juggernaut of a show did something incredible (and I’m not just talking about the musical episode). This show built on adding twists to classic fairy tales added the ultimate twist. They started over.

I admit, when the series hit a clear reset, with older Henry as the new lead, I was skeptical that it was a cop-out. I was wrong. Read the rest of this entry

…Play On

Maybe it’s the presence of a “Frozen” short at the beginning, or perhaps it’s the addition of original songs. Whatever it is, something feels off in Pixar’s latest endeavor, “Coco.”

This colorful feast for the eyes does not fail to entertain, but it lacks that Pixar punch. You know, that swift blow to your emotional gut that had you diving for the tissues during the opening of “Up.” Instead, it feels a lot more like a standard Disney story, with a clearly outlined agenda and a lack of depth.

What “Coco” does have going for it is stunning animation, a wealth of talent in its cast, and a look at a world outside of the usual Pixar fare. Read the rest of this entry

…giddy up

Today, crusaders, we find ourselves between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a crucial point in the holiday shopping season.

The pros have, I’m sure, been finished for weeks, while the rest of us are now realizing we should probably start thinking about starting.

But this Sunday, which is apparently Shopping Reminder Day, I think we could all benefit from taking a moment to remember the reason for the season… Read the rest of this entry