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…Sleep On It

Today, I thought I’d share an obvious statement. According to pretty much every scientific study ever, and common sense, and your mother — sleep matters. What you may not know is that a good night’s sleep is essential for more than maintaining your usual, sunny disposition, it’s also impacts your mental health.

Seeing as it’s World Mental Health Day, it seems like as good a time as any to discuss the importance of treating mental health like you would any other health issue, or say, sleep deprivation. Read the rest of this entry


…grin and bear it

I know it’s Friday and you’re expecting a Flick Friday post, not a Facebook post. I’m sorry to disappoint, but isn’t life just one big film set and we its actors?

That’s my tie-in take it or leave it.

We all know Facebook has its ups and downs when it comes to the human psyche, but some of the studies lately are just plain contradictory. Read the rest of this entry


A recent study by Missouri University of Science and Technology (good ‘ol MUST…who inexplicably choose to be known as Missouri S&T) found a link between time spent online and depression.

The study specifically highlights the effect of chatting online with  mental health.  So, sitting alone in your room and chatting with people geographically removed from you for hours on end is bad for your mental health.  Who would’ve thought?

The answer is many, many people.  I can only assume this means that reading blogs gives you a perpetually sunny disposition.

This just in from a study conducted by ME, reading 2WC on a daily basis will improve your mood by 93.2%, with an 86.4% percent chance that I made that stat up.

According to all subjects tested (me), repeated exposure to 2WC followed up with sharing your love of the posts with others (in person of course, no one benefits from online chatting, weren’t you listening?) increases the chance of optimism exponentially.

Regular reading of Flick Friday (especially our…I mean 2WC’s Summer Blockbuster Series) is shown to moderate your cinematic knowledge and positively impact your small talk skills at social gatherings (the in-person ones…again) by at least 87%.

What can I say?  The numbers speak for themselves.  Now go.  Share the message with the world.  The one beyond your computer screen…seriously.


“Excessive Chatting Online Linked to Depression: Study”: Huffington Post

…bi-daily smile…


…Escape Reality

Why so blue?

It’s that special time of year when we all gather around our televisions and watch celebrities congratulate each other–award show season.

Already this year the Golden Globes have come and gone. 

The Grammys were last night.   

And tomorrow nominees for the greatest award show of them all, the Oscars, are announced

Odds are a certain film starring some very blue people (Sorry, I mean Na’vi) will be getting a quite a few nominations for “changing cinema.” 

I will confess that I have not seen “Avatar” so I really cannot go into a detailed analysis of the film. 

I will say this though, I have been told by one too many individuals that this film is “AMAZING” so my expectations are beyond low. 

Now I’m sure this will only prompt even more people to tell me that I “NEED” to see this film. 

I do want to see it and I will eventually. 

But I also have other reasons for putting off my inevitable viewing of this “life changing” film. 

What makes me want to see it even less, is the fact that the film has been sending many into a state of depression. 

Now as someone who can recite the entire “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy by heart (director’s cut), I don’t judge. 

But I also don’t rush to see films that have prompted the creation of online forum threads entitled “Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible.” 

Here’s my advice to anyone suffering from the “Avatar Blues”:  Always remember, and never forget, “Avatar” is a MOVIE. Get over it. 

I hope that was helpful.  

For those of you thinking that I can’t relate because I haven’t seen the film yet.  I’ll be sure to post a follow up blog.  Believe me, it will be coming soon. 


The Whole Story: Avatar Blues