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…get happy

Happy Sunday, fellow crusaders.

As I’m sure we’re all aware. There’s been a bit of a parade of revelations of the truly awful variety. For some they’ve been soul-shaking shocks, for others they’re confirmation of long-known but hidden truths.

They’re also a reminder to cherish the good. That’s not to say that we should do anything but support the bravery of those coming forward and continue to work for actual change. I mean only that we can’t let the bad consume us because then the bad wins. Read the rest of this entry


…trick and treat

Happy Sunday, crusaders, and welcome to a very Halloween #SundayFunday. As we prepare for Tuesday’s festivities and perhaps recover from this weekend’s revelries, I hope you’re able to take a moment to enjoy.

But before we get to the treats, let’s take a moment for the tricks. Halloween is the perfect time for frightful fun, but somewhere along the way fear mongering worked its way in there too with the annual tradition of hypothesizing about all of the terrible things that could happen among the tricks and treats. Read the rest of this entry


Scrambled Television ScreenIn this the age of streaming, new TV never really stops. So the “fall season” has been rolling out since before the Emmys, and frankly, keeping up with it is impossible. So, as we stare down several more weeks of “Fall Debuts,” I thought I’d take a moment this What to Watch Wednesday to recap and recover. Read the rest of this entry

…have this dance

With “Dancing With the Stars” announcing their latest cast earlier this week I’m sure everyone has been itching to dust off those dancing shoes.

Not me.  Well…truthfully I would love to be able to bust out a fox trot or a waltz.  Who doesn’t aspire to be graceful?  Sadly my days where I could’ve danced, danced, danced (all night) never were.

Sorry, I don’t dance (don’t ask me).  More specifically, I’m not good at dancing.  With the exception of the signature family (gopher inspired) dance move (Dad)…that one I can rock out.

I know, I know, if I just dance (gonna be okay), practiced, stopped over-thinking it, let yourself go (relax), etc. etc. etc.  I’ve heard it all and I’ve come up with my own arsenal of retorts.

I’m not alone.  Some of us, just lack that grace gene, and now science has given us the ultimate excuse…I mean explanation:

My brain won’t let me.  To put it more technically (chemically speaking)–an excess of GABA  (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in my brain inhibits my ability to shake my groove thing (yeah, yeah).

Think of all the years and breath we’ve wasted with sad (and probably slightly sexist and/or racist) excuses for our two left feet.

What can I say? It’s science.

True, there are still plenty of people out there who can dance if they want to (they can leave their friends behind)…but every group needs that beautifully awkward dancer…right?


“Can’t Dance? Brain Chemical Throws Off Your Groove”: MSNBC

…bi-daily smile…

…can’t, won’t, shouldn’t…but I do love watching the talented ones.

Please leave lots of patronizing “You can dance Stephanie” comments below…I appreciate the kind white lies 🙂

…cut in

...getting us nowhere...

So a Disney star, an 80’s movie star, and teen activist Bristol Palin walk onto a dance floor.

Oh…don’t tell me you’ve heard this one?

There are a few people out there who wish they hadn’t.

Brandy for one, and all those wide-eyed innocents who ever thought “Dancing With the Stars” was anything but a popularity contest.

Pay no attention to my tears of fury.

But even I have to admit there’s nothing shocking about it.

Now after the oh so over-hyped “Boo-Gate of 2010” I’m sure all of those who actually thought Sarah Palin was being booed are shocked that Bristol would have made it so far.

In a strange and utterly predictable twist I’m sure these are the same people voting for her.

What’s surprising about the daughter of a politician winning a contest that relies heavily on voting?

I wouldn’t consider myself an avid follower of the show, personally.  And  maybe I should stay out of the clearly political arena that this show has become…like that’s going to happen…

I’m not here to argue the quality or purpose of the show.  When I do watch I find it quite entertaining.

I’m here to advocate for integrity. This is ballroom dancing after all.  There’s supposed to be some class…and dancing.

I’m not saying I approve of the televised meltdowns from those wrongfully terminated (Brandy you know what you did).

Even so I shake my finger at you American viewing public.  I know this is the age of reality television.  And seeing an out of left field (or I suppose right field) Cinderella story is exciting.

However, most Cinderella stories do in fact involve dancing…not this one.  I’m sure she’s a sweet girl (with two left feet).

But before I put my finger away I’d like to offer one last reprimand to you who are shocked by this outcome.

Let’s have some integrity people…and know where to look for it.


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