…Fan the Flames

Hey there, my fellow nerds. It’s Comic-Con weekend, and fandoms of all kinds have descended on San Diego to collectively geek out over the latest pop culture news and reveals. For those of us not lucky to be there in person, there’s still plenty to keep us distracted and out of the heat this weekend….

…Come Into Power

Marvel has become a master of creating worlds and universes, but in “Black Panther” they have gone a step further. They’ve sparked a movement, a cinematic revolution that has spilled out over the edges of the screen and flooded the real world. The power of that movement became very clear when this year’s Oscar nominees…


The world is feeling a little upsidedown and backwards right now. There’s a lot of things going wrong, and there’s a lot that needs to change. That being said, sometimes, in the midst of a storm it helps to take time to celebrate the victories. Today’s victory comes to us courtesy of the entertainment world….

…make it reign

It’s no secret that this Marvel universe has pulled together quite a cast of characters—a genius billionaire, Norse god, a gifted surgeon, a brilliant scientist/hulk, and a super soldier (to name a few). Now, with “Black Panther,” they’ve found a king, and so much more. To start, we get Wakanda, a (fictitious…unfortunately) East African nation,…