…watch what you tweet

Today we remember a day that will live in infamy and one that SpaghettiOs will not soon forget. I’m sorry was that thoughtless? Not as thoughtless as SpaghettiOs tweet remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor…sorry spelled that wrong… #PearlHarbor.

…beat the odds

The Hunger Games trilogy has brought forth a plethora of emotions since it became the next big thing a few years ago. Reactions have ranged from outrage to intrigue to utter obsession. 

…lighten your purse

If anyone out there enjoys worrying about how out of touch some of our politicians are with the realities of everyday life in this country I have good news: several of them are proposing that we help with the national debt by replacing the paper $1 bill with a coin…again.

…watch where you’re going

In a world on the verge of being run by machines, you’d think we’d have invented one that tells us when we’re being stupid. Sadly, that’s still science fiction at this point, and we still have to turn to man, and even the government to protect us from ourselves. Just another case of “the man”…

…mind yourself

Life is full of lessons, lessons that we all must learn, some of us many times over.  For instance, here’s one important life lesson: not everyone will always agree with you. It’s rough but true. It’s true on the playground, it’s true in the office, and it’s true on Facebook. All of the other children…

…use your best judgment

Jury duty–a citizen’s duty and burden, and now you can’t even tweet about it. The judges said so. You may wonder what ignoramus thought tweeting about the trial they were serving on a jury for in the past. You can’t listen to the radio, watch television, or talk to anyone about this trial but by…