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…chill out

Crusaders, I have a bone to pick with the weather.

After a week of frigid temperatures, a lot of the country is staring down three days of 50-degree days, and I for one do not trust it. Not just because I’ve just fully regained sensation in my face…

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…be blinded by science

bg1This Earth Day, across the country and around the world, we march for science.

We march for those who live by its laws, those who fear it, those who distrust it, and even those aim to discredit it.

We march because ignoring scientific facts for the sake of short-term gains, does not make those facts go away, but it does set us on a track for some long-term, devastating consequences. Read the rest of this entry

…Keep It Clean

Today was not a great day for anyone who’s a fan of Earth. Which frankly, we should all be fans since it’s currently our only option planet-wise.

Today we took a step backwards when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. I won’t name names as to who decided they knew better than nearly every single scientist studying climate change…but I will provide a link below. Read the rest of this entry

…Go Wild

muir-woods_editedThe past few days have been rough for environmentalists and those concerned about the future of our one and only planet, Earth. With talk of gag orders on government agencies, and reported requests to remove climate data from public sites, it’s certainly easy to see why some are more than a little concerned. Read the rest of this entry

…warm to the idea

FirstHappy First Day of Spring! I know, as many of us are looking at more than a few snowflakes in our ten-day forecasts, it’s hard to believe, but technically, it’s spring. Read the rest of this entry