…be bright and merry

I know, I’m a month early for Christmas in July, but I’m right on time for Leon Day (that’s Noel backwards). Yes, it’s a thing and it’s the (less than official) celebration of six months until Christmas (or since). And while I don’t love the name, I appreciate the sentiment. So prepare to get your…

…Wrap It Up

Happy Boxing Day / the day after Christmas / Wednesday! Whatever you might call today, you’ve officially made it through Christmas! Not to burst your post-holiday bubble, but today is traditionally meant for paying it forward. Consider this your official reminder (and guilt trip). Of course, thanks to schedules, Christmas falling on a Tuesday, and…

…Spread Holiday Cheer

‘Tis the day before Christmas and all ‘cross the land Santa’s helpers have last-minute lists right at hand. Some shop with a smile, others look a bit grim, a reflection of the holiday mood they are in. With the big day tomorrow we all feel the grind, so here’s your reminder to always be kind.

…Check it Twice

Welcome to the weekend and the final countdown to the holidays. There are three more sleeps till Christmas on this second day of winter and hopefully only one more thing on your to-do list — do absolutely nothing.

…Go Head-to-Head

It’s just five more sleeps till Christmas. As we all finish our shopping and set out for our holiday destinations a storm is brewing. Not the inevitable discussion of politics, but a family fight of a much more epic nature — the holiday movie.

…Answer the Call

It’s one week till Christmas!!! Aside from excessive exclamation point usage, that means one thing — it’s Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day!!! For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, answering your phone is what happens when you don’t let all your calls go to voicemail. It’s something you can do any…