…stay sweet

Today is a very special day, crusaders. Today we celebrate those small sweet moments in life. Yes, take a moment to savor those tiny dollops of sweetness, it’s Chocolate Chip Day! And on this rainy Tuesday (or any day), I ask you, is there anything better than a chocolate chip?

…Sip and Savor

Today is National Cocoa Day. This sippable, sweet indulgence is the perfect beverage for the season. Now before you get any fancy ideas about enjoying some hot chocolate today you should know that holiday isn’t until January 31st. Yes, there is a difference (Hint: it’s in the powder). Technicalities aside, topped with marshmallows and paired…

…Batter Up

Happy National Brownie Day! Yes, there’s a day dedicated to the beloved brownie, and why shouldn’t there be. If cookies and every single flavor of ice cream deserve their own day, the brownie certainly does too.

…Stay Sweet

Happy World Chocolate Day! Yes, that’s right. Not only is it almost Friday, but now you have a perfectly good excuse to eat chocolate…not that you needed one.

…make your excuses

Yes, it’s another blog post on the health benefits of chocolate, because like chocolate itself, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to justifying chocolate consumption.