…give it your all

After making it through the first half of this grueling short week, we’ve made it to the home stretch, crusaders. What better time for a reminder of all the good things in your life (#blessed) and the importance of sharing those things with the less fortunate with for International Day of Charity?

…Wrap It Up

Happy Boxing Day / the day after Christmas / Wednesday! Whatever you might call today, you’ve officially made it through Christmas! Not to burst your post-holiday bubble, but today is traditionally meant for paying it forward. Consider this your official reminder (and guilt trip). Of course, thanks to schedules, Christmas falling on a Tuesday, and…

…give it up

Today, right on the heels of some of the most branded shopping days of the year—Black Friday and Cyber Monday—we find ourselves on another day of spending, but with a slightly different outcome. Today is Giving Tuesday. It’s not difficult to find examples of people being rotten on social media and in the real world….

…Give Back

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve! With just a few more days till Christmas, we’ve passed crunch time and moved on to full panic mode. Still, as long as you’re still marking items off that to do list, and there are still a few hours to go, there’s hope.

…step up

Well folks, it’s a race day, so I apologize, but I’ve got to keep this short. Earlier this week, a fantastic hashtag movement got overlooked (by me) and today seemed like a good day to give it a delayed nod. So, four days after #GivingTuesday, here goes nothing.

…jump the gun

The holiday’s are a hectic time. It’s completely understandable that many of us lose our cool and our minds at some point in December. This year, in the midst of all the chaos, Christmas joy and hullabaloo, it seems Amazon and several other retailers have lost track of their calendars.