…Stay Sweet

Happy World Chocolate Day! Yes, that’s right. Not only is it almost Friday, but now you have a perfectly good excuse to eat chocolate…not that you needed one.


Happy All Hallows’ Eve Eve! With less than 24 hours to go until the trick-or-treaters descend, hopefully you have your stash of candy already prepped and ready to distribute. However, for those of you who find yourselves woefully unprepared, never fear.


As we count down the final days until Halloween, it’s going to be a challenge thinking of much else. Not only is it Halloween,  it’s a Friday Halloween, which unless you’re a student at a Catholic school, is extra awesome (it totally sucked when All Saints Day fell on a weekend).

…sweeten the deal

Possessiveness is a part of human nature, maybe not the most attractive at all times, but for better of worse, it’s there. We’ve all had that “mine” moment. If something is ours we want to make sure it’s safe, protected, and that everyone knows it.

…sugarcoat it

  Today in misleading news articles:  People who eat candy are thinner than those who don’t eat candy. Shocking, right?  With a lead-in like that how could this possibly be anything but sweet? Forget the fact that the margin of difference was pretty small and could be easily explained by candy-eaters exercising to make up for the…

…Let Them Eat Candy

 Well, it’s almost Halloween, which means costumes, candy and anti-candy protestors. Now I’m sure that for as long as Halloween and candy have gone together like…well Halloween and candy, there have been people against children receiving that much candy. I think every trick-or-treater has had at least one apple/raisins/pretzels stop on their route. Maybe this chorus of…