…Snow Stuff

Is there anything better than a weekend snow day? Other than a weekday snow day (which seem to be few and far between), the correct answer is no.

…Start the New Year Right

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019. A new year brings with it new hope and endless possibility. Although, I hope you’re leaving those new challenges for tomorrow. Today is for recovering from last year (or last night) and enjoying the shiny, new year glow. 

…Say Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow crusaders! Today we give thanks for, well, everything. Here at the 2WC, that means we’re giving thanks for you. Yes, you.

…count your blessings

What makes a holiday classic? Who knows who can say. Is it “The Old Man” in red with toys and a sleigh? Is it family and friends, brothers and “Sisters” around? Perhaps it’s “Blue Skies” and “Snow” on the ground. It may be good planning, or “Choreography” (if I may). It’s true, “The Best Things…