With two days until Independence Day it’s time for a rough draft rewrite. A Declaration Remix, if you will. The final days leading up to the approval of the Declaration of Independence are near and dear to my heart. Why? Well, first let’s have a quick refresher on American History 101.

…Give a Little

Welcome to daylight saving time. Today we may lose an hour but we gain a wealth of sass and snark from those struggling with the time change. A few will grumble as they reprogram their microwave, oven, and coffee makers. Some will channel their rage at Benjamin Franklin (as they should). Others will pull out…

…Wise Up

Welcome to the end of daylight saving time, US. Today we get back that hour we lost in March and rejoin the same time as, well the rest of the galaxy. With this turning back of the clocks comes the annual problem of what to do with that extra hour. Most of us will probably…

…Spring Forward

Happy start of Daylight Saving Time! As Stephanie warned you yesterday (…lose it), today we set our clocks ahead one hour. Which means that thing you have an hour from now…well, you might be late.

…Turn Back Time

You may not have realized it last night as you moved your clock back one hour, but you were taking part in a controversy that dates back to the days of Benjamin Franklin.  If you didn’t turn your clock back one hour last night then you may find that you’re showing up one hour early for…