…get sérieux

It’s semi-final time, football fans, and if you still think I’m talking about this 🏈, just walk away. Slowly. You don’t want to hurt yourself. Today, France and Belgium face off in the first of the World Cup semi-final matches and things are getting, in a word, sérieux. Just the perfect sort of sentiment for some…

…Go Global

Dear American sports fans, How’s it going? Enjoying your summer? Getting some much needed rest and relaxation? I sure hope so, because I can tell you what you have not been doing, and that’s watching the World Cup. You know, the world’s most-viewed sporting event.

…be your best

It’s game day USA! Just remember, win or lose, this is further than anyone expected us to get.

…Keep Up

Today kicks off the second round of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. For those of you who haven’t quite joined in on the worldwide event, this is when a draw (or tie) is no longer an acceptable end to the match (or game). The first round is a bit confusing to some, with its point…