…feel crumby

Amongst other things, social media has brought with it a seemingly endless parade of “random” holidays celebrating just about everything under the sun. It begs the question, “If we’re celebrating everything, are we really celebrating anything?” Still, some of these days still require our respect, so today I have to insist that we pause for…

…dance on

Last night, the latest champion of my competition reality show guilty pleasure—Dancing With the Stars—was revealed. But as Jordan and Lindsay dance their victory dance, I have a confession. I may have found another object of my competition reality show affection—Baking.

…let them eat (cup)cake

Today, as we approach the end of another week, we celebrate National Cupcake Day, not to be confused with National Chocolate Cupcake Day (Google), which we celebrated on October 18. Why? Because, some days you just need an excuse to eat a cupcake (cookies, regular cake, brownies, ice cream, and whatever your heart desires are also…


If you’re a would-be holiday baker, who just can’t seem to find the motivation this year, today is your lucky day. Forget the cheer, joy, and general pleasure of baking holiday cookies,  Earth needs you.