…Be Practical

Happy Tuesday! For those of you wondering what happened to Monday, it was canceled.

…suffer no fools

As the weekend fast approaches, crusaders, it’s occurred to me that with all of this week’s many events, I overlooked a holiday of certain significance—April Fool’s Day. In my slight defense, it did share the day with Easter and NBC’s live musical triumph, “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert,” so you can see how it…

…Play The Fool

Happy April Fools’ Day! This holiday beloved by pranksters and those with a sense of humor has come a long way from its humble beginnings of personal practical jokes. Today, everyone is getting in on the jokes, at least when it comes to the corporate world. If you’re not familiar with the April Fools’ corporate…

…laugh it off

Happy April Fools’ Day! And of course, happy What to Watch Wednesday! Although if you have any friends or family who delight in this day, I suggest you focus on watching your back and nothing else today.