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In the course of 24 hours we all have a lot of information thrown at us.  It can be exhausting sifting through all of that and deciding what’s worth retaining.  Personally I choose to retain all of it.  I’m like a walking, talking font of useless information…back to the point…

That flow of information goes the other way too.  Think of all the information you throw at every one else–comments, statuses, random musings about your dietary choices.  Who’s determining the relevance of your Internet input?


If you’re a frequent commenter, you may have come across their algorithm when trying to share your two cents.  It’s meant to prevent spam and determine whether a comment is “irrelevant or inappropriate.”  If the system thinks your comment is either, you’ll get a warning message and be blocked from posting your comment.

I, having only relevant and appropriate thoughts to share with the masses have of course never received this warning.

Of course, it’s not always accurate.  Anyone who’s come across a stream of nasty, petty comments followed by four easy steps to find your soul mate online, can tell you there may be a few loopholes in this system.

To the rest of you.  No one wants to be told they’re irrelevant, but it’s really for the greater good.  What can I say?  Sometimes the truth hurts.


“Why Facebook Thinks Your Comment is ‘Irrelevant or Inappropriate'”: MSNBC

…bi-daily smile…