…Wait For You

Hey there! I thought I’d mix things up and write this post directly to you today. Yes, you. Now that I have your attention I wanted to say hello. I know you’re busy and I don’t want to keep you too long. Before I let you get back to it, I wanted to give you something. I had…

…Hit the Right Notes

 When “Pitch Perfect” was released in 2012, nearly no one noticed. It was a small film with a relatively-unknown cast (mainstream-wise). It also surpassed all expectations, mostly because no one had any. Fast forward nearly three years later, and the film has grown into a pop culture phenomenon. Plus, that “relatively-unknown” cast is very well known….

…take a moment

Once upon a time, there was a not too small, but not too big fandom that loved all things by Stephen Sondheim. This fandom had many different opinions and many different favorites, but the most widely beloved among them was a show called “Into the Woods.” Children of all ages loved this musical treasure. Its…

…sing out

This “What to Watch Wednesday” I wanted to send a message of gratitude for a wonderful trend in cinema—the return of the movie musical.

…Pitch In

“Pitch Perfect,” is a bit of a surprise. The story follows an all-girls a cappella group, the Bellas, made up of outsiders. With that kind of premise, this film should either be really bad or really good. Somehow, it falls right in the middle. Beca (Anna Kendrick) is a punk-ish DJ, who wants to skip…

…defy convention

Journeying into the world of children’s movies can be a little scary for an anyone over the age of six.  We can only handle so many cheap, easy jokes and overly simplified plots and themes. A children’s movie about zombies holds equal terror, but in the case of “ParaNorman” these fears are blessedly not realized….