…drink it in

As we prepare to fully enter a summer that will surely be dominated by superheroes, crime-solving Pokemon, and live-action animated characters, I thought it would be nice for all of us to take a moment to sit back, take a deep breath, pour ourselves a glass of wine, and prepare to shoot it directly out…

…say thank you

It’s Common Courtesy Day, so let me first start by saying, thank you for being here today.   It may seem like a small thing to say thank you, but it’s amazing how big of a difference those small things — please, thank you, keeping to the right when you stand on an escalator, not…

…gal around

Happy Galentine’s Day, crusaders! For those new to this glorious celebration of ladies, let me explain. Galentine’s Day is part of the grand tradition of holidays created in sitcoms that have found their way out into the real world, (e.g. Festivus and Chrismakkuh and Treat Yo Self Day).

…be so fetch

Today we celebrate an obscure but beloved holiday, Mean Girls Day. Yes, that “Mean Girls,” the 2004 cinematic classic. (That’s coming to Broadway in spring 2018!) The beauty of this movie is that everyone loves it for different reasons. But today I think it’s important that we remember the lesson of “Mean Girls.” Hint: It’s…

…feel all the feels

It’s always safe to head into a Pixar movie with the assumption that you will ball your eyes out (“Up” you know what you did). I would recommend bringing a box (or two) of tissues with you the “Inside Out.”