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…tell another tale

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This What to Watch Wednesday, in preparation for the forthcoming holiday binge viewing (you know you do it). I thought I’d share one of my favorites from this fall of television, an old favorite that’s new again in the most magical way possible…

“Once Upon a Time,” this long-running juggernaut of a show did something incredible (and I’m not just talking about the musical episode). This show built on adding twists to classic fairy tales added the ultimate twist. They started over.

I admit, when the series hit a clear reset, with older Henry as the new lead, I was skeptical that it was a cop-out. I was wrong. Read the rest of this entry



Scrambled Television ScreenIn this the age of streaming, new TV never really stops. So the “fall season” has been rolling out since before the Emmys, and frankly, keeping up with it is impossible. So, as we stare down several more weeks of “Fall Debuts,” I thought I’d take a moment this What to Watch Wednesday to recap and recover. Read the rest of this entry

…look up

chattering_teethThis What to Watch Wednesday, I wanted to take a moment to laugh with some summertime comedies. Because, I think we could all use a moment of legitimate, uncomplicated humor right now.

As cathartic as it might be to laugh at what would otherwise be the horribly depressing realities of our world, sometimes it’s nice to laugh with no buried drama. So, today, I’m taking a moment for pure, joyful comedy… Read the rest of this entry

…Flip Ahead

The time we all knew was coming is here—the end of the network television season. Back in the dark ages, before streaming and Netflix original programing, that meant that couch potatoes were forced to watch reruns or (gasp) find something other than television to occupy their time.

Thankfully, the television season never ends, and this is also the time of year when networks announce what’s in the pipeline for the upcoming season. So you can spend this time planning out your fall television viewing schedule. Read the rest of this entry

…tune in

Scrambled Television Screen

We’re four days into the new year, a time for new routines, new resolutions, and new shows!!! This first What to Watch Wednesday, I’m here to help you out with one of them… Read the rest of this entry