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…Read the Room

Last night, there was a shift in the award show dynamic at the Golden Globes. From red carpet interviews to their acceptance speeches the women of Hollywood delivered a message of support and unity.

The night’s top awards, in television and film, all going to projects driven by and/or starring women was the perfect finishing touch to an empowering and encouraging evening.

Meanwhile, a noticeable and vast majority of the male winners failed to acknowledge the movement at all. Surrounded by a sea of women and men dressed in black, they said nothing. Read the rest of this entry



Happy Golden Globes Sunday!

The time has arrived for us to put forth our predictions. Hollywood’s biggest party will have a decidedly sterner tone than usual as actresses (and we expect most actors too) will take to the red carpet in black in recognition and support of #MeToo and #TimesUp.

While quickly scanning the nominees, the Golden Globes may not appear to have quite caught up with the need for broader representation (particularly in the director category), there are signs of hope. Read the rest of this entry