…rally the troops

As we embark on this holiday and muster up the Monday Motivation we’ll all need to make it through, I’d like to take a moment to propose that we collectively declare this week liberty week. And if that alone doesn’t motivate you this Monday, then let me explain why…

…Yet Wave

Is there anything worse than having to return to the daily grind right after a holiday? The obvious answer is yes, there are a lot of things that are worse. Not having anything worth celebrating, for one (Also, war, famine, and I think I’ve made my point). However, for those still nursing an Independence (or…

…Be Self-Evident

Happy Fourth of July Eve! Seeing as this is my last pre-fourth post, I’d thought I’d use today to talk about the US of A. As we celebrate our country’s 240th birthday, we’re ¬†facing plenty of challenges. Our two-party political system seems to be headed towards a major overhaul. There’s a lot of anger, fear,…


Happy 5th of July! The day I like to think our forefathers collectively thought, “now what?”


Happy Independence Day! I’m not a hugely patriotic person normally, still I can’t help but feel a little national pride on this the 4th of July.