…Make Over

Happy Monday, fellow crusaders! Welcome to a new week and a new look for The Two-Woman Crusade. Since 2WC is feeling all shiny and new, I thought I’d try to share that fresh and sparkly feeling. If you feel a #MondayMotivation makeover montage coming on, your instincts are spot on. Cue the cheesy gifs…

…Open Up

Today marks the 2WC’s eighth anniversary, or to put it another way — it’s our blog birthday! It’s also Banned Books Week, which celebrates the power of words and the importance of freedom of speech in its written form. As you may have surmised we’re fans of this freedom (and books, too). This freedom is…

…Mark the Date

Today we’d like to take the time, To mark the date with a personal rhyme. We thought it would be a special way, To mark the eve our blog’s founding day.

…Look Back

Happy Sunday, fellow crusaders! Today, we’re celebrating the 2WC’s sixth anniversary. At milestones like this, we all have a tendency to take a look back. Here at the 2WC, we’re fans of the flashback, so before we move forward lets take a look at how far we’ve come.

…Take Stock

This week, 2WC turned the big 5.  Zer marked the occasion on Thursday, but we thought we’d take a little bit more time this Sunday to reflect on the year behind us, and look ahead to new and exciting things. So, let’s get on with the talking about us…

…Mark the Occasion

Happy Friday!!! And this Friday is just a little bit happier for the 2WC as we celebrate our five-year anniversary…also known as — our fifth blog birthday. Yes, that’s right, the 2WC is half a decade old.