From the very first seconds of  “The Grand Budapest Hotel” it’s clear this is a Wes Anderson film. The look, the dialogue, the premise, it has all of the wonderful things that make up this slightly off-kilter, but always fun to look at stories.

…Go Out On A Limb

“Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” may be the best example of the lack of diversity in this year’s Oscar nominees and the committee that votes on them. Unless you are a white, middle-aged man or someone who is really, really into method acting, it’s hard to find something to connect with in this…

…Hit the Mark

“American Sniper,” shows a side of war that is often overlooked by Hollywood. Clint Eastwood’s film takes a closer look at the invisible scars left by war. “American Sniper,” tells the true story of US Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle.


“The Theory of Everything”  is the story of a man who’s achieved complex and extraordinary things under the most challenging of circumstances, but the most extraordinary thing about this movie, is its simplicity. It’s wonderfully refreshing.

…Switch Tempo

If predictions and past trends are to be trusted, then in all likelihood, “Whiplash,” will not bring home the big prize at this year’s Osacrs. However, if you’re a fan of jazz or even just small stories told really well, then “Whiplash,” will probably be one of your favorites of this year’s nominees. Directed by…


This morning the 2015 Oscar nominees were announced, quickly followed by the traditional mourning over this year’s snubs. As is quite often the case, when all of the names were read and the dust settled, there was a certain something missing from the list of nominees.