…please hold

Our world has a grand history of “day after” holidays. You’re probably familiar with Thanksgiving’s Black Friday and Christmas’ Boxing Day, but have you heard of Labor Day’s Telephone Tuesday.

…Make a Livin’

Happy Labor Day! It may be a day off for some, but as you probably know too well, the hustle never ends. With that in mind, today’s Monday Motivation is you, my busy bees. Yes, you.

…feel the love

We live in a competitive world, crusaders, but in the best of circumstances (and I hope most), that competition comes with sportsmanship, compassion, and kindness. That enduring empathy was on full display yesterday at the US Open following Naomi Osaka’s defeat of Coco Gauff (the 15-year-old tennis phenom), when Osaka shared her post-game interview with…

…Throw Shade

Today, I’d like to take a stroll with you down memory lane. Remember way back, about two years ago, when this summer began and I said that it was time for our annual talk about sunscreen and that I wouldn’t say another word about it until next year? I lied.


On this final Friday before Labor Day (the unofficial end of summer), I thought I’d take a bit of a flashback to a movie from earlier this summer. It’s a film that, in my humble opinion, was misread by many critics. “Dark Phoenix” also marks the end of an era as the final X-Men film…

…Fall Hard

Despite some of our best efforts it seems this summer is reaching its end and that autumn is on its way. In fact, the first signs of the changing seasons have already arrived. I’m not talking about the falling leaves or cooler temps (dare to dream). No the “signs” to which I refer are a…