…Need A Hero

Related imageAs another season of, “The Walking Dead,” comes to a close, it’s time to reflect. This little zombie show that could has come a long way in the past eight seasons.

While its fan base remains incredibly supportive and loyal, it’s hard not to admit the show has had its highs and lows over the past eight years. As we approach another finale tomorrow night, it’s in desperate need of a hero. Read the rest of this entry


…try your luck

Today, the world is once again facing its fears as we make our way through another Friday the 13th.

I am not a superstitious person, but I also don’t like to push my luck, so I’ll admit to a healthy respect for some superstitions. In the case of Friday the 13th, it’s more of a fascination, not so much in the day itself, but in the tradition of it. Read the rest of this entry


Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! This beloved comfort food should be celebrated everyday, but that won’t stop me from taking a moment to sing its praises today.

Its brilliant simplicity is what makes it so beloved. Only requiring bread, butter, and cheese, even the most challenged of cooks can manage to get it right (most of the time). Read the rest of this entry

…get the hang of it

This What to Watch Wednesday I’m doubling down and making it a Woman Crush Wednesday in honor of the return of “New Girl,” for the last time…

Read the rest of this entry

…Check Out

This week is National Library Week. As its title suggests, it celebrates the purpose and the people behind these institutions.

No longer merely emporiums of books, the library has expanded it’s world while staying true to its purpose—providing access to knowledge. Read the rest of this entry