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…get set

Happy last day of spring, crusaders! With summer officially ahead of us it’s time to start diving head first into the joys of the season.

Here at the crusade, the Summer of Blockbusters may have started a few weeks ago, but as we embark on this new season, I wanted to take a moment for the movies beyond the big screen. Yes, this What to Watch Wednesday, I have the Netflix original movie you never knew you needed… Read the rest of this entry


…ride it out

With everything that’s happening in the world, it can sometimes feel like things are going a little bit off the rails, so it feels appropriate to acknowledge that on this day in 1884, the first American roller coaster opened at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. Read the rest of this entry

…kick it up a notch

world-cup-2018-3409220_1920It’s World Cup time, soccer fans! Although with the U.S. not even in the tournament this year, it feels disrespectful to use that word. Therefore I will henceforth be referring to the sport as football.

And to everyone who stopped reading when they saw the U.S. didn’t make the cut, for shame. You’re missing out. Why would you pass on the opportunity to discover your new favorite team? Read the rest of this entry

…fade in

This Tonys Week, I was faced with quite the decision, crusaders. What to Watch Wednesday left me in quite a pickle. With so many musical shows and Broadway stars on the small screen, how in the world was I supposed to choose which show to highlight this most auspicious of Wednesdays?

I kid of course. The choice was clear. This What to Watch Wednesday let’s take a trip down memory lane to the greatest musical theater television drama about a Marilyn Monroe musical ever told…

Read the rest of this entry

…go on with the show

This Monday, crusaders, we find ourselves mere days away from the 2018 Tony Awards, my #MondayMotivation work is done…

But just in case you need a bit more pep in your step to get your week going, I’ll give it the good ol’ Broadway try… Read the rest of this entry