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…reach for the stars

This Monday, we find ourselves once again on the edge of a whole week of possibility, crusaders.

And today, fresh off a weekend full of Earth Day and marches for science, I can think of no great inspiration than astronaut Peggy Whitson who today set a new record for cumulative time in space by a U.S. astronaut with 534 days (and counting). #CongratsPeggy Read the rest of this entry

…give me five

Today we celebrate that most celebratory of gestures, the high five.

Whether you won the big game, nailed your latest presentation, or just generally rock at life, the high five covers them all.

In the age of the fist bump and overly elaborate handshakes…

…this old school sign of congratulations and achievement still manages to survive, and that alone is call for celebration.

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…take it off the shelf


This Flick Friday, we’re wrapping up National Library Week, so, of course, that means it’s time to give a nod to some of cinema’s greatest collections of literature in a very special Flick Friday presents: Libraries of the Silverscreen.

To the film…

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As we approach the end of National Library Week, I thought I’d spend some time focusing on one of the most common (but often overlooked) features of the library — the quiet.

Some like to poke fun at the eternal struggle of the librarian to maintain silence in their domain, but for those seeking a little quiet time the library is one of their few remaining sanctuaries. Read the rest of this entry

…read on


“When in doubt, go to the library.”

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by J.K. Rowling

This What to Watch Wednesday, National Library Week continues, and we’re watching the written word and the hallowed halls which house them. Today, I thought I’d take a moment for the masters of them all, those knowledgeable shushers, your friendly, local librarian.

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