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…raise a glass

Crusaders, there are some weeks that require an extra bit of effort to get started. This week is one of those weeks. I know it may seem like a sacrilege to be anything less than motivated by the time Tuesday of Shark Week rolls around, but this week has had a rough start.

Lucky for us, today just happens to be Wine and Cheese Day, and there are few things more motivating than food. Read the rest of this entry

…proceed with caution


Every summer has a few “breaks” worked into the mad rush of summer blockbusters and this year’s is a pedal to the metal, fast-paced thriller sort of break (with no breaks), but next to the high-budget, superhero thrillers of the season, “Baby Driver” manages to feel smaller somehow. Read the rest of this entry


This What to Wednesday I’d like to travel through time to this coming December (if only), but in the absence of an actual TARDIS, we’re going to use our imaginations, and fast-forward to Christmas. Read the rest of this entry

…put in a good word

giphyThis week, as always, we’re all walking into a world of emotions, from excitement following the start of a new season of “Game of Thrones,” to anticipation for the start of Comic-Con, to sheer elation at the memory that we’re just months away from the first woman lead on “Doctor Who.” Lucky for us, we’re also waking to another global craze — World Emoji Day.

While we work our way through these waves of feelings we need look no further than our keyboards for instant, wordless expression and a touch of #MondayMotivation. Read the rest of this entry

…let your geek flag fly

nerd emojiHappy Friday Eve, crusaders! Today, we celebrate, among other things, Embrace Your Geekness Day. And coincidentally it also happens to be Emmy Nomination Day!

Now, there was a time when “nerding out” about a television show may have been seen as a “geek” move, but I like to think that in this golden and enlightened age of television, we’ve moved beyond the closed-mindedness of such viewpoints, and perhaps stopped putting down enthusiasm rather than embracing and celebrating it.

Still, seeing as there may still be some out there who need to stop fighting it and embrace their geekness, I thought I’d take the opportunity to spread some enthusiasm for a few of this year’s nominated shows. Read the rest of this entry