…kill with kindness

Since today the world recognizes our greatest weapon in the ongoing battle against cruelty, injustice, and downright meanness, today’s crusade is brought you by the letter K, for kindness. Happy World Kindness Day! It’s the planets official annual reminder to be nice. As we all search for that hero that will cure what ails our…


This Monday, I’m taking a break from the usual motivation to show some appreciation. Today, the world lost a true marvel–Stan Lee.

…never forget

Today, Armistice Day marks 100 years since the end of World War I, “the war to end all wars.” In the century since the war’s, Armistice Day has come to be known as Veterans Day in the U.S., a day we honor those who have served our nation through military service. It is a day…

…Wise Up

Welcome to the end of daylight saving time, US. Today we get back that hour we lost in March and rejoin the same time as, well the rest of the galaxy. With this turning back of the clocks comes the annual problem of what to do with that extra hour. Most of us will probably…

…find your holiday spirit

Halloween is officially over, which can only mean one thing… It’s this GIF’s time to shine… Ready or not Christmas time is HERE!!! I know to the children of summer and fall, it may feel too soon, but honestly be thankful most of us keep our out-of-season, holly-jolly moments to ourselves until November 1 hits….