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…Get Reel

As we head into Earth Day weekend Flick Friday is going green. It’s not easy being green, but it is easy to find a green-themed movie.

Some are more subtle with their messages than others. Whether they’re painting with all the colors of the wind or trying to outrun the effects of climate change taking care of our planet comes up a lot in the cinematic world.

Seeing as you can’t possible watch them all (at least not in a weekend), here are a few suggestions to get you in the Earth Day mood. Read the rest of this entry


…Dive In

This weekend we will celebrate Earth Day. Leading up to that celebration of our one and only planet is Earth Week.

Seeing as today is What to Watch Wednesday, some earth related television seems in order. If you’re wondering what could possibly fall into that genre, well then you obviously haven’t seen “Blue Planet II.”

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…keep it short

This snowy, April Tuesday, in honor of International Haiku Day, I present a riddle and perhaps a little Tuesday motivation to get us all through to spring (which should be here by July)…

If April showers
bring May flowers what do the
snows of April bring?

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…Get Going

Happy Marathon Monday! Congrats to all those running in the Boston Marathon today. You’re an inspiration.

To the rest of you, it’s time for some Monday motivation.

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…feel the wrath

The end is nigh, walker fans. We’re just hours away from the season 8 finale of “The Walking Dead,” which will undoubtedly bring tears.

And non-walker fans, I know it may be difficult to understand why anyone would watch a show where beloved characters are so frequently and horrifically eliminated… Read the rest of this entry