…Chase the Horizon

Arrr! T’is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Seeing as it’s also What to Watch Wednesday, I’m proclaiming today What Skallywags to Watch Wednesday. What makes a pirate watch-worthy?

…Channel Greatness

Happy Emmy Monday! I know it sounds weird, but it is what it is, so we’re just rolling with it. Plus, it kind of makes Monday slightly less, well, Monday. And just think, after tonight you can look forward to a whole new season from your favorite shows. You just have to make it through…


Happy almost-Friday! If you need some motivation to get you through, look no further. Today’s countdown to the Emmys is all about the ladies of “GLOW,” and it doesn’t get much more motivational than that.

…seize the day

Fresh off the heels of Labor Day, a day dedicated to the American worker, I’m sure we’re all feeling refreshed and motivated to jump back into the week… And if not, I have the Tuesday Motivation you didn’t even know you were looking for. It’s Newsies Day! Okay, technically it’s Newspaper Carrier Appreciation Day, but I…

…Head Back

“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” ~ J.K. Rowling It’s here, the beginning of the end of summer. The promise of autumn in the early September air makes the transition a little less painful, but a little magic wouldn’t hurt either….