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…have fun with it

comic-con-2016-tv-panelsThere are those out there who shake their heads at the mere mention of Comic-Con, rolling their eyes at the mere mention of a fandom, let alone the unbridled joy of cosplay and teaser trailers. If you are one of those people, I trust that you’ve already navigated away from this page.

Because this Sunday, Funday brings with it a wealth of teaser trailers fresh off the Comic-Con presses, so I’ll go ahead and get right to it, and let you get right to the rest of your day of rest (however you choose to spend it). Read the rest of this entry

…make a racket

doctor_who_experience_28810552067329Happy Wimbledon Finals Weekend, tennis fans! And for the Whovians out there, happy weekend that we find out who the next Doctor is once the tennis is over!

For the non-Whovians, you’ve had more than 50 years to catch on, but I’ll catch you up. Much like James Bond, the Doctor has had many faces throughout the years, unlike James Bond, he actually changes faces within the plot of the show. (If you need more explanation than that, here’s our overview from the last changing of the Doctor.)

Sunday, the 13th Doctor will be announced (although it’s really the 15th if you’re a super nerd) following the men’s final at Wimbledon. You might say they’ll take it from tennis to the TARDIS (I can do this all day).

Until now, the role of the Doctor has maintained a streak of male actors (and they’ve done a fantastic job). But the buzz for a lady Doctor has only grown in the last few years and seeing as today was the women’s finals at Wimbledon, I thought I’d take a moment to explore the female frontrunners (even if the actual front runner of the moment is male…a girl can dream). Read the rest of this entry


chattering_teethToday we find ourselves on the edge of the first full work week following the Fourth of July, crusaders, and I can think of no better way to ease back into the routine than a summer Sunday Funday.

So sit back, relax, and soak in these final weekend moments with a little bit of internet joy… Read the rest of this entry


Yesterday, one of the big “breaking news” stories was about an 80-year-old unsolved mystery. A blurry photo of a woman who could be Amelia Earhart and a man who could be her navigator, Fred Noonan, appears to show the duo in the Marshall Islands after their mysterious disappearance.

The photo was released right ahead of the History Channel’s two-hour Amelia Earhart special, and though the photo appears to be authentic the timing of its release is certainly a publicity stunt. Putting that aspect aside, it is also a treat for the imagination. Eighty years are a long time to not have a true break in a case, and while we still may never know what actually happened to Earhart this new lead can inspire hope in other ways.

Read the rest of this entry

…Pursue Happiness

Happy Fourth of July! Today marks our country’s 241st birthday.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep this short and light so that you can get back to today’s festivities.

Today is for putting aside the things that divide us and remembering what we share, a love for our country.

Partly because the world could always use a little more love and understanding, but also because beer, barbecue, and pyrotechnics don’t mix well with politics. Read the rest of this entry