…love thy neighbor

Today’s best new musical nominee is “The Prom,” a show too fun and optimistic (not to mention history-making) to ignore and all the #MondayMotivation you’ll ever need. The premise of “The Prom” is simple enough, a group of Broadway actors whose show has just flopped is looking for a cause to repair their images. Enter,…

…Tempt Fate

It’s one week until the 2019 Tony Awards, and this year we’re counting down with a look at all of this year’s nominated musicals. First up is a show that offers a seemingly infinite jukebox of Motown hits from one of the most successful groups of all time.

…live the life you like

As the most-watched, musical theater miniseries of the season, “Fosse/Verdon” comes to a close this evening, I wanted to take a moment to revisit the absolute joy that this journey has been. If nothing else (and there is plenty else) we have been gifted with enough new theater GIFs to last us until the next…

…Wish You’d Go On Forever

Happy Sunday fellow crusaders, and happy Cinco de Mayo! Before we get into some #SundayFunday entertainment, here’s your annual reminder about Cinco de Mayo — it’s not Mexico’s Independence Day. Educate yourself here. Now that we’re done with housekeeping, let’s get into the actual Sunday of it all, and switch to theater mode.

…Be May

If you’re questioning the grammatical nature of today’s title, I have two things to say: I’m so proud of you, you little word nerd. I’m so sorry you missed out on one of the best meme days of the year… So, seeing as yesterday it was “gonna be May” today must “be May.” If you…

…take a bow

This morning the nominees for the top Broadway shows of the year were announced, and it’s a good group to be sure, which is why I know they’ll understand why I’m dedicating today’s post to absolutely everyone in the theater community who did not get nominated for a Tony today.