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…Open Up

Today marks the 2WC’s eighth anniversary, or to put it another way — it’s our blog birthday!

It’s also Banned Books Week, which celebrates the power of words and the importance of freedom of speech in its written form. As you may have surmised we’re fans of this freedom (and books, too).

This freedom is why we were able to start our blog in the first place, and why we’re celebrating eight years. It also allows for a diversity of perspectives and opinions. Read the rest of this entry


…have fun with it

comic-con-2016-tv-panelsThere are those out there who shake their heads at the mere mention of Comic-Con, rolling their eyes at the mere mention of a fandom, let alone the unbridled joy of cosplay and teaser trailers. If you are one of those people, I trust that you’ve already navigated away from this page.

Because this Sunday, Funday brings with it a wealth of teaser trailers fresh off the Comic-Con presses, so I’ll go ahead and get right to it, and let you get right to the rest of your day of rest (however you choose to spend it). Read the rest of this entry

…take the stage

Happy Tony Sunday! Before we get into the predictions of the day, we wanted to take just a moment to echo a sentiment shared earlier this week. As lifelong fans of the theater, we’ve heard more than a few people express, in a variety of ways, the belief that once you see a Broadway show, other theater feels smaller.

While there’s definitely something special about a Broadway show, Tony Sunday feels like a good day to remember, the Great White Way does not have a monopoly on excellent theater. Great theater is closer than you think, so get out there and see a show!

That being said, it’s Tony Sunday which means today is all about Broadway. So, without further ado here are our picks for this year’s Tony Awards. Read the rest of this entry


Happy Tony Awards eve! Today is all about what’s brand new on Broadway. This year’s nominees for Best Play and Best Musical tell stories that run the gamut. For Best Play there’s a sequel to a 19th century play, a look at the 1993 Middle East peace talks in Oslo, a Pulitzer-winning play about the working class in Reading, PA, and a play about the controversial debut of another play. For Best Musical we visit a remote town in Canada dealing with the aftermath of 9/11, 19th century Russia, the inner workings of an anxious teen’s mind, and the greatest small town in the USA.

As you can see, that’s a lot to cover. So if you don’t mind, I’ll dive right in with this year’s nominees for Best Play and Best Musical. Read the rest of this entry



As we head into Tony’s weekend, it’s time to take a serious look at this year’s nominees.

So today we’re diving into the details with a Tony Awards #FlashbackFriday, featuring the 2017 nominated revivals.

There’s never any shortage of nostalgia on Broadway (the Phantom knows what I’m talking about), and that sentiment soars as beloved classics return (sometimes over and over again) to the Great White Way. So, without further ado, let’s step back into some old favorites with this year’s musical and play revivals. Read the rest of this entry