…Channel Greatness

Happy Emmy Monday! I know it sounds weird, but it is what it is, so we’re just rolling with it. Plus, it kind of makes Monday slightly less, well, Monday. And just think, after tonight you can look forward to a whole new season from your favorite shows. You just have to make it through…

…rock on

This Sunday, we’re going to church, crusaders. Specifically the church of Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber. This past Easter, NBC achieved something truly miraculous on its latest attempt at the live musical production and fittingly it involved the resurrection…and one heck of a performance from Brandon Victor Dixon…who has an incredible shot at taking home an…


I admit, it felt like a crime that “Killing Eve,” one of the best new shows on television only received one Emmy nod (for Sandra Oh who absolutely deserves it), but this show as a whole is WAY too good to just award one small part of it, even if she is the title character….


Happy almost-Friday! If you need some motivation to get you through, look no further. Today’s countdown to the Emmys is all about the ladies of “GLOW,” and it doesn’t get much more motivational than that.


If I’m being honest, crusaders, which I usually am, I am still processing the last season of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” It stays with you. To be clear, I haven’t been dwelling on it constantly…because that would be soul-crushing. But the places the last season went were equal parts horrifying and hopeful. So yes, I am…