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…Stay Curious

Children of the 90’s (and others with an undying thirst for knowledge), I have some great news…NETFLIX science bill nye april fools bill nye the science guy GIFYes, everyone’s favorite “Science Guy” is back, on Netflix, this Friday. His new show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” promises all the science, quirkiness, and curiosity of the original series. It also could not have come at a better time. Read the rest of this entry

…find the devil in the details


This What to Watch Wednesday, the final of March (and Women’s History Month), also happens to be the season finale of a favorite here at 2WC, “Legion.”

Given the occasion, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to geek out over this fantastic show (which has officially been renewed for a second season!) and applaud their rather feminist approach to telling this story…


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We live in a world of ratings, whether you’re selecting stars for your favorite app, making your way through the latest listicle, or scanning Yelp for a second (or 50th) opinion—everything has a rating.

In some ways it’s a good thing. It can make research online simpler. In other ways it’s not so great. It can give trolls another place to ply their trade. Then there are the times when ratings really aren’t ratings at all, which brings me to today’s “rating system”—the F-Rating. Read the rest of this entry

…drop a verse


It’s no big surprise that World Poetry Day would inspire a couplet or two,
And today (for some reason), my mind’s on the Arts and ALL of the good they can do.

Poetry, painting, music, and dance, the Arts can move us all,
Through delight, inspiration, education, and of course, their infinite power to enthrall. Read the rest of this entry

…find something there


Once upon a What to Watch Wednesday, in an enchanted box lived a horrible, monstrous pilot. One day, villagers from far and wide sat down at their boxes to see their evening tales, and what they saw sent many of them running, never to return.

Yet a few stayed, not frightened, but intrigued by what might lie beyond that ghastly first meeting.


Join me as I weave a magical tale of what can happen when you look past first impressions to give those beastly (at first sight) shows another chance…

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