…call it a toss

This International Pillow Fight Day, I think it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate these “battles” where everyone wins (except for those with down allergies).Of course, when fun is the objective, it’s hard for anyone to lose (as long as no cheap shots are taken).

…Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Happy Opening Day, my fellow baseball fans! Spring may have just started, but the boys of summer are back and so is America’s favorite pastime. In recent years this title of “favorite” has come into question. Capturing fans’ attention has become a number one priority, with the focus being on speeding up the game. This…

…Bowl Over

Another Super Bowl has come and gone. Surprising no one, the Patriots’ dynasty continues to dominate. While I was rooting for no one (except you, “Skittles the Musical“), I’ll admit that watching the Patriots win again kind of sucks. However, in the interest of starting the week off on the right foot, I’d like to…


Well, football fans (and non-football fans who will tune in anyways in order to stay in the cultural loop), it’s Super Bowl Sunday. So I suppose it’s time to address the elephant in the room, and that is what an absolute nightmare match-up this game is for former St. Louis Ram’s fans. Seriously.

…run interference

Happy Friday to all, but especially those who made it through this week’s Polar Vortex. Twenty degrees never felt so good. With that bout of bad weather behind us, it’s full steam ahead toward Sunday’s Super Bowl (and Skittles the Musical)…a game with too many loyalties (or lack thereof) to consider, so I’m just going…

…Look to the Rainbow

Super Bowl weekend is nearly upon us. That means it’s time for millions of non-Rams and non-Patriots fans to determine their temporary loyalties. Some will root for the better of two evils, others will find themselves rooting against a side. Personally, I will be rooting for the Skittles commercial.