…Root, Root, Root

As the end of October comes into view so too does the beginning of the 2018 World Series. This year sees the Boston Red Sox take on the LA Dodgers in a battle of the coasts. It may seem like just another opportunity to pick a side, but I would argue that it has the…

…Take a Breather

Today we wrapped up a whirlwind of athletics with Wimbledon and the World Cup. Whether your team/player won or lost, it’s time for a breather. While you may not have competed in either event, it can be exhausting being a sports fan. Assuming, of course, that you’re doing it right.

…Bring It Home

If you’re one of those people tired of hearing about the World Cup you have come to the wrong place.  So move along. Today sees the second semi-final between England and Croatia. The winner takes on  France in the final on Sunday, while the loser gets to play Belgium on Saturday for third.

…get sérieux

It’s semi-final time, football fans, and if you still think I’m talking about this 🏈, just walk away. Slowly. You don’t want to hurt yourself. Today, France and Belgium face off in the first of the World Cup semi-final matches and things are getting, in a word, sérieux. Just the perfect sort of sentiment for some…

…step it up

So, U.S. football fans. We need to talk. We’re just shy of two weeks into the World Cup and there’s no nice way to say this, but we’re kind of blowing it. I’m not talking about our team. They blew it before the tournament even started. I’m talking about our support for this international coming…