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…hold on to your hat

With another Royal Wedding behind us, I’m sure we’re all coming down off of the high of that parade of hats and titles you didn’t know existed. Not to mention the 6 AM wake up call for anyone who wanted to watch it live.

And if you tuned in specifically for the hat fashion (and who didn’t, really?), have I got good news for you. Don’t put away those bonnets and fascinators just yet. We’ve got a horse race to watch. Read the rest of this entry


…Get Going

Happy Marathon Monday! Congrats to all those running in the Boston Marathon today. You’re an inspiration.

To the rest of you, it’s time for some Monday motivation.

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Good morning, basketball fans! And an especially good morning to our East Coast readers, who I applaud for your dedication to the game.

For those who didn’t tune in, the NCAA Championship Game, which already had the disadvantage of being on a Monday night, started at 9:20 eastern.

And to everyone who stayed up to watch it, I applaud you.

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…Have a Shot

Final Four Saturday is finally here! Let the superstition, meditation, and panic commence.

Whether you’re rooting for the Ramblers or your team is still in the tournament, today is a good day for basketball. Only two teams will remain standing come tomorrow morning, but for now we can enjoy the last few moments while all four still have a shot at winning it all.

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…pump it up

It’s the final countdown to the Final Four, crusaders!

Which means we all must practice the ancient art of both maintaining our sense of calm, cool collectedness… Read the rest of this entry