…love thy neighbor

Today’s best new musical nominee is “The Prom,” a show too fun and optimistic (not to mention history-making) to ignore and all the #MondayMotivation you’ll ever need. The premise of “The Prom” is simple enough, a group of Broadway actors whose show has just flopped is looking for a cause to repair their images. Enter,…

…Tempt Fate

It’s one week until the 2019 Tony Awards, and this year we’re counting down with a look at all of this year’s nominated musicals. First up is a show that offers a seemingly infinite jukebox of Motown hits from one of the most successful groups of all time.

…Keep One Jump Ahead

With its live-action remakes of animated classics, Disney seems to have two speeds — “full out” and “slow and steady.” “Aladdin” is the first to fall in between. I’m going to assume we all know the basic story and skip the summary portion. If for some reason you aren’t familiar with “Aladdin,” I’m so sorry…

…face the final curtain

The feat of storytelling and moviemaking that has been the Marvel cinematic universe up until this point was already worthy of deep, profound respect. Now that it’s reached its conclusion (of this phase, don’t freak out, there are more movies to come) the extent of the excellence is even clearer.

…Just Say the Word

Hiding in the margins of “Shazam!” is a different story. It follows a pretty standard comic book narrative–unlikely hero is gifted with superhuman powers–but take a closer look at the periphery and you’ll see that this story has a little more to offer. It starts with the origin story, as any decent superhero story should….

…spend a little time

As you may have heard, a little show on FX made its debut yesterday. And one episode in, “Fosse/Verdon” is the stuff of theater lovers’ dreams. “Sweet Charity” and “Cabaret” and Sondheim, oh my. The musical theater history (and present) name dropping that happened in the first ten minutes was out of this world… Needless…