…keep it going

Today the world comes together to show our appreciation for our planet, which when you really think about it is a silly concept. Not that we shouldn’t be appreciating our planet, but that we would concentrate all that caring into one day. Of course, we all care (some perhaps more than others).  But what the…

…bring us together

On this first day of the Easter weekend (and last day of those resolutions), I thought it might be worth taking a moment to give ourselves a break (not from those resolutions, you’re nearly there). But I know we still have a day to go until the big day, so I don’t want to make…

…priez pour nous

Yesterday, the world watched as one of the most iconic, historic, and beloved pieces of architecture was destroyed. Hymns were sung, tears were shed, and history was mourned as the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was engulfed in flames. As nearly a thousand years of history burned before us on television, social media, and…

…lend support

This Monday marks day two of National Library Week. That’s right, there are a whole seven days dedicated to one of our nation’s greatest institutions.

…stick with it

Today across the country, many of us are faced with another reminder of the importance of civic responsibility. Translation: It’s Election Day.

…look on

Today the month that entered like a lion heads out like a lamb. And with the end of March comes the conclusion of Women’s History Month. Of course, that doesn’t mean the importance of sharing women’s stories ends. If anything, it reminds us to carry that mission with us throughout the rest of the year….