…rise and shine

We’re in the throes of the dog days of summer, which calls for some extra #MondayMotivation. So, let’s jumpstart the week with the ladies of “GLOW.” The show released its third season on Netflix this weekend and (three episodes in…anyways) it is, in a word, kickass.

…take it easy

As the end of summer fast approaches, we all have different approaches to savoring these final days of the season. Some will try to cram every possible outdoor activity into these final weekends. Others will slow things down to a slower pace. Today is for the latter — Happy National Lazy Day!

…play every possible part

It’s National Cat Day, crusaders, and you know what that means? I’m talking about “Cats,” the weirdest movie of the (closer than you think) holiday season that we’re all strangely looking forward to (you know you are). And if you don’t understand why, then you don’t know “Cats” (but you can learn about “Cats” here).

…lend your ears

What a week it’s already been and it’s barely just begun. The good news is, I believe that each and every one of us can make it through if we do one simple thing. Are you listening? That’s it — listen.

…hear it for The Boys

Imagine a world where superheroes are real. Got it? Now, imagine they’re actually egomaniacal jerks (gross understatement) with really good marketing. That’s the “The Boys.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that so thoroughly earned each and every one of its (many, many, many…) viewer discretion warnings (including some very specific ones I…

…go into your (song and) dance

Happy National Dance Day, America! Today, as these united states bust a collective move (or give those who do a nod) I thought I’d take a moment to pay homage to the ultimate dynamic duo. There’s peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, and the song and dance.