…make your mark

It’s no secret crusaders, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I’ve found that sentiment rings true in very different ways depending on who you ask. For some, it’s the weather (bring on the snow, boots, and the sweaters!). For others, it’s the sounds of the season (give me 24/7 Christmas music, now!). Still…

…give it up

This Giving Tuesday…which fittingly follows our national day of thanksgiving…which is then followed by our national day of shopping, followed by another national day of shopping to support local businesses — #SmallBusinessSaturday)…and we can’t forget that one last day of shopping (online…because you know, you now only have 27 shopping days until Christmas)…

…press pause

This Sunday, as many of us head home from a long weekend of food, friends, family, and (hopefully) fun, don’t forget to take a moment to rest. I know #SundayFunday may seem like a superficial hashtag, but it’s a genuine reminder to take that time for you. And with most of the holiday season still…

…Think Local

As we all come out of our food comas and sale-induced sweats it’s time to make a little more room in your wallet. It’s Small Business Saturday!

…say hello

This Thanksgiving Eve, I have one thing to say to you, crusaders. Hello! It’s World Hello Day, the perfect day to greet those who cross your path.