…play with the hand you’ve been dealt

This Monday, motivation is at hand (the left one to be more specific) as we celebrate the southpaws among us for National Left-Handers Day. To me,  a right-handed individual, the value of today isn’t just about apologizing to the left-handed among us who must make their way through a world made for the right-handed and…

…book it

Put down the tablet, pause the Netflix marathon, it’s National Book Lovers Day! In the age of TLDR (too long didn’t read). It can be hard to remember the joy that a good book can bring…

…find the right frequency

Once upon a time, there was a dark, dark stretch of months from the beginning of summer until the first hints of coolness in the fall known as rerun season. During these periods of new-episode droughts, apart from the occasional special or game show, television fans were forced to survive on previously aired programming. The…

…Add Some Color

Everyday sketchers and scribblers, it’s time to break out your colored pencils, water colors, markers, and crayons. It’s National Coloring Book Day! This favorite pastime of many a childhood has leaked over into the adult world, which means we can all celebrate without any shame or embarrassment.

…be friends

Happy Monday, crusaders! Today the world acknowledges the International Day of Friendship, a global holiday created by the United Nations in 1997. And it’s here just in the nick of time because, frankly, I think we could ALL use a reminder of the importance of friendship (particularly international friendship).